Communication Systems

Great Lakes Building Systems offers a full line of Facility Communication Systems, Including: Intercom, Door Entry, Area of Rescue and Nurse Call Systems.

Our intercom systems include audio only or audio / video typically used for multi-tenant facilities, schools or any facility that is typically “locked” down. Our product manufacturer of choice is AIPHONE.

Our Door Entry Systems consists of a main panel with apartment directory that can communicate to individual apartments via the facilities telephone system, eliminating the need to install additional wire. Our product manufacturer of choice is KERI.

Area of Rescue Systems are “supervised” intercom systems used in facilities to aid in the rescue of handicapped tenants or students in the event of an emergency. Our product manufacturer of choice is CORNELL.

Nurse Call Systems can be Hardwired, Multiplexed or I.P. Based. Custom design can be completed for new construction or retrofit of an existing facility.

Communication Services We Provide:

• Design with AutoCAD Drawings, with in compliance of A.D.A. and Local Authority having Jurisdiction.

• Installation with Factory Trained Technicians.

• Complete Owner and Staff Training.